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      100Hr Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Workshop, Melbourne

      In this 7 day retreat you'll have the opportunity for profound healing and rejuvenation as you awaken your feminine soul; giving you renewed vigour for your life and your place in it as a strong yet feminine woman. Immerse yourself in a blissful combination of daily women's flow yoga, sensory [...]

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      Breathe Bali Yoga Retreat

      Trips to unique places, blending yoga, nature, people, adventure, meditation and a healthy lifestyle.  . We embrace the mantra OMM: its creative vibration, yoga, meditation, consciousness and well-being.We look for the WOW! factor: unique places, astonishing nature, mind-blowing adventures, [...]

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      Vinyasa Krama and Ashtanga Yoga Workshop, Byron Bay

      Ashtanga Yoga is a sequence of postures linked by movement and breath. This system comprises three series of Asana called Primary, Intermediate and Advanced A, B, C & D. The Primary Series is called Yoga Chikitsa, meaning body therapy. The Intermediate Series is called Nadi Shodhana, meaning [...]

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