• About Yoga Planet

  • Yoga Planet is the manifestation of one of my life-long dreams which is to make a quality Yoga experience available to busy people who cant easily attend into structured local classes because of their busy lifestyle. Yoga is the perfect way to relax, maintain physical and mental health and bring that extra quality of something that is really special into your life when and where it suits you. It has become even more exciting with the advent of Apple TV which allows us to stream video onto our large screen tv's and create a life size Yoga Class experience complete with instructor and beautiful music.

    Yoga Planet is always looking for new ways to enhance your Yoga experience - Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Clothing, Yoga Music, Yoga Accessories, Yoga Retreats plus other helpful tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle even when you are stretched to the max. We trust you will enjoy our environment and fall in love with Yoga, beautiful Yoga.