• 100Hr Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Workshop, Melbourne

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    We invite you to join us for this nurturing and deeply healing retreat for women by women. In our fast-paced lives we are often busy fulfilling our roles as mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, girlfriends, career women and much more. But as a woman it's important to take time out for ourselves separate from our roles, to rediscover the balance between our inner strength and softness, and deepen out connection to our 'shakti' - the source of our feminine creative power.

  • In this 7 day retreat you'll have the opportunity for profound healing and rejuvenation as you awaken your feminine soul; giving you renewed vigour for your life and your place in it as a strong yet feminine woman.

    Immerse yourself in a blissful combination of daily women's flow yoga, sensory dance-movement, meditation,  women's circle rituals, sacred women's chanting, and delicious vegetarian meals, all in a stunning location where you'll be rocked asleep by the sound of the ocean and rise to awe-inspiring sunrises.  You'll feel completely nourished, sensual and renewed! 

    "A woman in harmony with her Spirit is like a river flowing with love.  She goes where she will without pretence and arrives at her destination, prepared to be herself and only the maginifence of her Great Self." - Maya Angelou

    - See more at: http://www.anadavis.com/yoga-for-women/retreats#sthash.nm5IZrdZ.dpuf


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